Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Election Notebook

On the election campaign trail, Premier Kathleen Wynne is pledging to protect Ontario's public sector.

Surrounded, by a number of workers yesterday in Toronto, Wynne warned that Ontario will see a return to the cuts experienced under then-Premier Mike Harris in the 1990's if Tim Hudak wins the June 12 vote.

Wynne says the Tories plan to eliminate 100-thousand public sector jobs will send the province back towards a recession.

Meantime, Hudak is clarifying where some of the cuts will come from in his plan.

Hudak insists front line services won't be effected and will look at eliminating government waste within upper and middle management.

Hudak, is also standing by the numbers in his million jobs plan despite criticism from the Liberals and some economics experts who say the Tories used in-correct math in determining, its strategy.

The Liberals are also being accused of trying to hide a report on the ORNGE air ambulance service.

The PC's says the report contains 95 specific findings related to the service's operations.

The Liberals say, they agreed, to table the report, May 5th, had it not been for the opposition, forcing the election call, and putting a halt to business, at Queen's Park.