Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Festival Results Day 2

 A total of ten pianists walked away double winners during the second day of piano performance at the Rainy River District Festival of the Performing Arts.

Those competitions continue at the Townshend Theatre at 1:30 p.m. and at Knox United Church at 6 p.m. tonight.

Here is a list of all winners from yesterday.

Post-Romantic  or 20th or 21st  Century, Grade 8
FIRST:  Erin Gustafson

Post-Romantic  or 20th or 21st  Century, Grade 9
FIRST :  Lucas Koomans
SECOND:  Raymond Polz

Romantic, Grade 9
FIRST:  Kaitlyn Chiasson
SECOND:  Lorianne Dueck

Romantic, Grade 8
FIRST:  Erin Gustafson

Own Choice, Grade9
FIRST:  Raymond Polz
SECOND:  Lucas Koomans

Romantic  or 20th or 21st  Century, Grade 7
FIRST:  Tianna Veldhuisen

Own Choice, Grade 7
FIRST:  (Tie) Tianna Veldhuisen, Wanetta Pekau

Two Performers, Advanced
FIRST:  Sarah Bagacki and Kaitlyn Chiasson

Popular Selection, Grade 3
FIRST:  MacKenzie Wright
SECOND:  Jacob Gustafson

Popular Selection, Grade 4
FIRST:  Judy Wu
SECOND:  Madison Krikke

Popular Selection, Grade 1
FIRST:  Joyce Wu
SECOND:  Max VanDrunen

 Own Choice, Grade 3
FIRST:  Jake Erickson
SECOND:  Jacob Gustafson

Own Choice, Grade 1
FIRST:  Calin Campbell

Romantic  or 20th or 21st  Century, Grade 1
FIRST:  Joyce Wu
SECOND:  (Tie) Calin Campbell, Max VanDrunen

Jazz, Level 3
FIRST:  Sarah Selman

Classical, Level 3
FIRST:  Cassidy Martin

Children's Songs, Level 3
FIRST:  (Tie) Sara Selman, Cassidy Martin

Traditional Hymn, Folk Hymn or Modern Chorus
FIRST:  Mika Kooistra
SECOND:  Alexa Veldhuisen

Two Performers, Introductory
FIRST:  Lauryn Jean Marchant and Kaylyn Levesque
SECOND:  Samantha Hammond and Kenna Spuzak

Two Performers, Elementary
FIRST:  Jordan Eldridge and Paige Eldridge

Two Performers, Intermediate
FIRST:  Alexa Veldhuisen and Mika Kooistra
SECOND:  (Tie) Madison Krikke and Judy Wu, Katelyn Bruyere and Jordan Bruyere

Open Piano, Introductory
FIRST:  Joelle Bruyere

20th or 21st Century, Introductory Level
FIRST:  Joelle Bruyere
SECOND:  Lauryn Jean Marchant

Own Choice, Introductory Level
FIRST:  Lauryn Jean Marchant

Own Composition, Introductory Level
FIRST:  Sullivan Spiers

Children's Songs, Introductory Level
FIRST:  (Tie) Liam Dent, Fletcher Klug
SECOND:  Michael Redford

Popular, Introductory Level
FIRST:  Fletcher Klug
SECOND:  Kiera Wood

All Garbage Bags To Need Tags

Fort Frances residents will soon have to place a bag tag on every bag of garbage placed at the curb for pick up.

Council is eliminating the free bag residents have enjoyed since 2004, but lowering the cost of tags from $2.25 to a $1.25 beginning June 3.

Mayor Roy Avis, who has been opposed to requiring residents to have all bags of garbage tagged in the past, says given the current financial situation, it has to happen now.

He, along with Councillors Paul Ryan and Ken Perry, would have preferred a fee attached to water and sewer bills reflecting the new charge.

The move is expected to generate about $91-thousand in to town coffers.

New Airport Fees

There will also be some new fees at the Fort Frances airport this year.

It includes charging all air ambulance flights and government aircraft a landing fee of $150.00 plus HST.

Similar fees are charged at other airports in northern Ontario.

Library/Museum Supporters Attend Budget Meeting

Fort Frances council's budget discussions are perking the interest of some.

Staff and supporters of the Fort Frances Public Library and Fort Frances Museum were on hand for last night's budget meeting.

Both facilities have been eyed by some members of council as areas were more savings could be found.

Library Board Chair Joyce Cunningham warns if cuts are required by the Library, they will come with job loss.

The Library announced cuts to hours of service earlier this year.

Subdivision Interest Dwindles

A long list of people interested in the proposed housing lots at the former Huffman School property in Fort Frances has dwindled.

Town planner Faye Flatt says of the 26 people who initially inquired ten are still interested.

Flatt says a number of factors, including the proposed price of the lots, led to others opting out.

Council has better defined the conditions for the upcoming sale of the lots in advance of a public meeting to take place April 23.

A lottery will be scheduled sometime after that meeting.

Liqour Store Workers Vote For Strike Action

Unionized employees with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario have voted 95 per cent in favour of strike action.

Their union says key issues include part-time wages and upgrades to health and safety standards.

The workers current contract expired at the end of March, but contract talks are resuming today.

Liberal Candidate For Next Provincial Election Steps Forward

The president of the Kenora-Rainy River provincial Liberal riding association is making plans to run in the next election.

Anthony Leek of Emo says by declaring early it avoids some of the problems faced in an unsuccessful bid in 2011.

The Association will hold a nomination meeting in Fort Frances April 27.

Day of Pink

It's a day to get your pink on.

This is National Day of Pink.

Chair of the Fort Frances group Celebrating Diversity Trudy McCormick says it's aimed at raising awareness and combating bullying, as well as recognizing differences among everyone.

People are encouraged to wear pink.

A variety of events are being held at area schools while the Fort Frances Public Library will show the documentary "Bully" as part of a family event tonight.