Monday, December 9, 2013

Weechi-it-te-win Now Handling Child Welfare Case For Off-Reserve Natives

Some additional workload for Weechi-it-te-win Family Services.

For the first time, the native-based agency can now provide child welfare services to aboriginals living off reserve within the Kenora and Rainy River district.

Executive Director Laurie Rose says an agreement with Kenora-Rainy River District Child and Family Services allows that to happen.

Weechi-it-te-win had been asking the province for the expanded mandate for years without success before Kenora-Rainy River District Child and Family Services voluntarily agreed to let the native-agency take over.

The two agencies sign the agreement in a ceremony Friday.

Update From ALAG Today

An update today on the progress being made by a group aiming to get an assisted living facility constructed in the Fort Frances area.

Members of the Assisted Living Action Group are expected to make a presentation to town council at their meeting tonight.

Telehomecare Now Available

People with heart disease and other related health issues can now get some help managing their condition at home.

Northwest Community Care Access Centre spokesperson Marg Milani says they just launched their new telehomecare program.

Residents enter data that's sent on-line or through phone and monitored by a nurse who can identify a course of medical action if necessary.

Maternal Care Program Coming To Confederation College

The province is giving some money to Confederation College to start a new program for expectant mothers.

President Jim Madder says they're currently working on the curriculum for the new "Maternal Care" program.

Madder says they're teaming up with First Nations health care organizations to develop the program which will be offered by next fall.

Province Commited To Getting Sawmills Running Again

The provincial government is promising to work with local lumber companies to get them back in operation.

Natural Resources Minister David Orazietti says the government wants to see as many people back to work in the forestry sector as possible.

Premier Kathleen Wynne says the government does see the urgency in getting the mills up and running and is willing to do what it can to make that happen. 

Museum Establishing Planning Group

Fort Frances Museum is now putting together a group to help in the planning of the 100th anniversary of the Fort Frances mill.

The first roll of paper was produced  in May 1914.

The museum wants to commemorate the 100 years since through a variety of events and displays.

The first meeting of the planning committee will take place Thursday night at the Museum.

If you're interested in helping out, call Sherry George at the Museum.

Hydro Users To Be Eligible For Energy Savings On Bill

Ontario energy consumers could soon take advantage of a new cost saving measure.

Starting in 2015, the province will allow on bill financing for energy saving products.

Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli says there will be plenty of options available.

The plan, which was announced in the long term energy plan, will allow consumers to pay for qualifying upgrades with the price reductions in their bill.

Knox On Its Way

Knox United Church is on its way to raising over a million dollars for its building renewal project.

About $5,000 was raised in a kick-off dinner and auction Saturday.

The Church is planning to install a new elevator and renovate washrooms to make the Fort Frances facility more accessible.