Friday, November 16, 2012

Ontario Leaders Weigh-In On OPG Plant

Premier Dalton McGuinty isn't budgeting.

McGuinty says he's not going to stop the potential shutdown of the coal-fired generating station in Thunder Bay for what experts say could be energy savings of $400 million.

Speaking in Thunder Bay, the outgoing premier says it's all about meeting the energy needs of the north.

McGuinty says it would be reckless to proceed without looking at the advice.

Ontario's NDP leader Andrea Horwath says it's time to take the politics out of the power plant debate.

But Horwath won't say whether she would keep the plant open if she were premier

Horwath says it's clear the issue has become a political football.

Many Drawn To Fort Frances Social Media Sites

A move towards increase use of social media is bringing results for the town of Fort Frances.

Rainy River Future Development Corporation has helped establish a variety of accounts.

Manager Geoff Gillon says it's mostly young people that are being drawn to the blog, Twitter and Facebook sites.

Consultant Tannis Drysdale says it's also helping town planners identify what's important to those making the posts.

No Hospital Bed Available in Thunder Bay

Problems for the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.

No hospital beds are available.

Spokesperson Mark Henderson says the presence of about 60 long term care patients now in hospital is part of the problem.

Travel Still Allowed For Hockey Teams

There's an issue developing between Hockey Northwestern Ontario and Minnesota Hockey.

HNO says there's a belief that it's not issuing travel permits to teams wanting to compete in Minnesota tournaments.

General Manager Trevor Hosanna says permits are being issued, once an event is sanctioned properly and Minnesota Hockey seeks approval from U.S.A. Hockey.

The only exception is for Novice teams because Minnesota's similar division does not play official games as they do in do in Canada.

Bold Explores Atikokan Area

A junior mining exploration company has identified areas near Atikokan is may conduct drilling operations in the future.

Bold Ventures has been studying property about 14 kilometres east of the town which has been the subject of gold exploration in the past.

The company says a recent survey identified several untested areas that it will explore further.

Experimental Lakes Not Being Sold - Rickford

A federal MP is denying reports the Experimental Lakes area near Kenora is up for sale.

A coalition trying to keep the research facility open claims the Harper government is negotiating with an unnamed buyer.

But Kenora MP Greg Rickford says that's is not true

Rickford says some of the research done at the site is being moved to Saskatchewan.

Are We Interesting?

Reader's Digest is looking for the most interesting town in Canada.

It's an on-line contest that offers people that chance to write stories of their communities in hopes of winning $5-thousand for themselves and $5-thousand for their hometown.

So far, no Rainy River district communities have been nominated.

The contest closes December 18.