Monday, March 17, 2014

Former Rainy River CEO Get New Post

The former president and Chief Executive Officer of Rainy River Resources has a new post.

Raymond Threlkeld has been named chairman of the board for Newmarket Gold.

Threlkeld was with Rainy River Resources prior it being acquired by New Gold in 2013.

New Gold's executive chair Randall Oliphant is a director with director Newmarket as well.

Letting The Energy Board Do It's Job

There's no intention by the provincial government to intervene on requests for rate increases by natural gas companies in Ontario.

As CFOB-News reported this morning, Union Gas is seeking an increase that could result in northern Ontario users paying as much as $190-dollars more over the next year.

In the legislature, Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli says he's confident in the decisions of the Ontario Energy Board.

Union Gas say the proposed increase reflects the prices it will likely pay for gas and transportation in the future.

Natural Gas Price Hike Possible

Union Gas customers could be in line for a significant increase in their natural gas costs.

An application before the Ontario Energy Board proposes a rate increase that would see Union Gas users in northern Ontario pay about $190 more over a 12 month period.

Projected increases in Union Gas' purchasing and transporting costs are cited as the reasons.

If approved, new rates would take effect April 1.

More Weather Records

No shaking this cold weather.

More weather records were set across northwestern Ontario yesterday.

In Fort Frances, the thermometer reached - 29.8 C,  surpassing the old mark of - 28 C set in 1997.

Atikokan's low of - 31.8 C beat the old mark of - 30 C set way back in 1928.

Industry Opposing Bill 83

Northern Ontario municipalities and the forest industry are voicing their opposition to a bill aimed at avoiding lawsuits that are filed simply to muzzle environment groups who speak about against industry practices.

Bill 83 is currently in second reading.

President of the Ontario Forest Industries Association Jamie Lim says the bill is pointless.

Lim worries it will allow groups to spread malicious information without penalty.

Day Of Pink Approaching

File photo
The Canadian Mental Health Association in Fort Frances is working to paint the district pink.

It's preparing to celebrate Day of Pink on April 9.

Spokesperson Nancy Daley-Fulton says they're encouraging the region to wear pink on that day to help promote anti-bullying.

Day of Pink come out of an event at a Nova Scotia high school where a group of older students wore pink in support of another who was being bullied because he wore a pink shirt.

Scholarship Help From Rainy River Community College

Some incentive for families effected by the downsizing at the mill in International Falls to pursue a College program at Rainy River Community College.

The College's Foundation is putting an additional $10-thousand towards a scholarship and training fund.

Laid off workers or families members will be eligible to apply for scholarships of $500 to be used at the College.

Students who received the scholarship last year will receive an additional $500 if they return this fall.

Key Tags To Be Mailed Soon

A spring tradition is continuing in Ontario and right across the country.

War Amps key tags are being mailed to all homes.

Spokesperson Jamie Lunn says we here in northwestern Ontario can expect to get them sometime in late April.

Money from donations is used to help war amputees across the country.