Thursday, April 3, 2014

High School Issues Warning About Social Media Postings

A warning to students on social media from Fort Frances High School.

In a statement on its own Facebook page, the High School states any student posting photos, making inappropriate comments, or using them in a derogatory manner will be subject to progressive discipline.

The school says it's aware of a several comments, photos and bullying-type actions currently on-line and gave students until the end of yesterday to remove them.

It also wanted other sites identifying the school deleted.

OPP Combatting Incidents of Cyber-bullying

OPP say they're taking great interest in curbing incidents of cyber-bullying in area schools.

They been delivered their "Respect Technology" program for the past three years.

Constable Anne McCoy says they're trying to get students to understand the ramifications of using social media improperly.

McCoy also encourages students who believe they're are victims to come forward.

Studies who that while while 84 per cent of parents believe their children will talk to them about being bullied, just 8 per cent of students actually do.

Police Called To Fort Frances Incident

OPP are looking into an incident that occurred in downtown Fort Frances last night.

Few details are immediately available, but a caller to CFOB-News says one person was taken to hospital.

Police tape had been wrapped around the area of First Street East and Portage Avenue.

It has since been removed.

One Dead In House Fire

One person is dead following a house fire on the Fort Severn First Nation.

The Nishinawbe Aski Police Service say the blaze broke out around 5 AM Monday morning.

While several people managed escape, one person was unable to get out.

The Ontario Fire Marshall's office has been called in to help out with the investigation.

Do One Thing

The Northwestern Health Unit wants to "Do One Thing."

It's the name of a conference to take place next month in Kenora.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Perrault says it's a first of it's kind conference for service providers.

Perrault says it aimed at starting a dialogue on the health status of the region and future actions.

Caliper Lake To Re-open

Caliper Lake Provincial Park is re-opening.

It's the result of a three-year agreement between the province and the municipality of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls.

The province closed the park last year as part of cost-saving measures.

Under the deal, the municipality will now be responsible for staffing and operating costs and cover any losses.

Osisko Signs Partnership To Fend Off Goldcorp Takeover

Osisko Mining appears to have found a partner to help fight off a hostile take-over bid by Goldcorp.

Osisko says it's entered into a partnership with Yamana Gold that will see the Toronto-based company acquire 50 per cent interest in Osisko and become an equal partner in its mining and exploration projects.

The deal is valued at nearly $930-million.

Goldcorp is offering $2.9. billion for Osisko.

King's Gold Finds Partners

A junior mining company doing work in the Rainy River district says it's found some interest for its projects.

King's Bay Gold says it's signed multiple Confidentiality Agreements with unnamed third parties relating to its Menary Gold Project near Nestor Falls and other properties.

The company says it's also received a three-year exploration permit from the province to continue its work.

Money Given For All-Water Route

The group working on an all-water route through northwestern Ontario has received some funding.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation is providing the Path of the Paddle Association with over $333-thousand to hire staff and continue the development of the route.

It proposed to link several rivers and lakes between the Manitoba border and Thunder Bay, connecting with Kenora, Dryden and Atikokan.

The Association is hoping to launch the 900-kilometre route in 2017.

Manitoba Hydro Identifies Tranmission Line Routes

Manitoba Hydro has identified some possible routes for a transmission line to cross into Minnesota that will send power to the Iron Range.

It's preferred location would connect to Minnesota Power's proposed 500 kilovolt line at the border just south of Piney.

Six alternative locations have also been pinpointed.

Manitoba Hydro will begin a series of public meetings later this month.

Minnesota Power is looking at possible routes through Koochiching County for its part of the connection to be in place by 2020.

More Protection For Cell Phone Users

New protection for cellphone users is now in place in Ontario.

New legislation went into effect Tuesday that forces companies to have its contracts written in plain language and clearly identify which services are included as part of the basic fee and which come with extra charges.

It also limits the amount companies can charge if users cancel their contract before it expires.

Casino Question Pondered

The idea of a casino in Fort Frances could come to a public vote this fall.

Town council is considering adding a question to the ballot during the municipal elections to determine if residents support council pursuing the idea.

Mayor Roy Avis says it does not mean the town intends to build one, but rather gaging interest about it speaking further with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission.

A public meeting on the question will be held this month before it reaches the October 27 ballot.

Town Budget Nearly Complete

It's looking like it will be a minimal tax increase for residential ratepayers in Fort Frances.

Final approval has yet to be given, but the 2014 budget does includes a tax increase that's less than one per cent.

Mayor Roy Avis says given where the numbers were at the start of the discussions, he's happy.

He notes it was also done without having to cut services.

The town will spent almost $23-million in the operating budget.

Another $8.6 million has been earmarked for capital projects.

The town is still awaiting final figures from the province affecting the industrial rate before it's in a position to pass the budget later this month.

Provincial Budget Coming May 1

It appears a provincial budget is coming May 1.

The Progressive Conservatives says documents obtained reveal a so-called  "Budget Leaking Team" intended to roll out it's components through a variety of announcements in the weeks leading up to the release.

They say it also includes $5.7 billion in new spending.

The Tories says the Liberals are co-opting the civil service to help generate publicity in advance of a spring election.

What Do You Think Of Kiss And Ride

Proponents of the Kiss and Ride initiative in Fort Frances want to know how its working.

OPP Constable Anne McCoy says the local traffic safety committee is conducting a survey to determine what the public thinks of the new rules for dropping off and picking up students at Fort Frances schools.

The survey can be found on the Rainy River District School Board and the Northwest Catholic District School Board websites.

Festival Results From Wednesday

Brianna Eldridge, Tayler Shouldice and Maggie Gauthier the only multi-winners from the second day of vocal competitions at the Rainy River District Festival of the Performing Arts.

Eldridge and Shouldice won their awards in solos categories.

Eldridge also won twice on the festival's first day.

Gautheir earned a first in a solo category and later in a duet on an original composition written and sung with Lisa Loney.

The choirs take over the competitions this morning at Robert Moore School before the vocalists return to the stage at Knox United Church this afternoon.

Here is a list of all winners from Wednesday.

Secular Solo, Examination Courses, Grade 1
FIRST:  Paiten Kinnear
SECOND:  Jaycee Mose

Musical Theatre, Up-Tempo, Solo, 9 and 10 years
FIRST:  Christian Wiedenhoeft
SECOND: (Tie) Kenzie Begin, Janaya DeBenetti, Mya Davis

Musical Theatre, Ballad, Solo, 9 and 10 years
FIRST:  Joelle Bruyere

Musical Theatre, Up-Tempo, Solo, 11 and 12 years
FIRST:  Katelyn Bruyere
SECOND:  (Tie) Bianna Eldridge, Carmen Hebert, Star Martin, Callahan Wiedenhoeft

Secular Solo, Examination Courses, Grade 5
FIRST:  Brianna Eldridge
SECOND:  Katelyn Bruyere

Musical Theatre, Ballad, Solo, 11 and 12 years
FIRST:  Brianna Eldridge
SECOND:  Carmen Hebert

Musical Theatre, Up-Tempo, Solo, 13 and 14 years
FIRST:  Emma Dykstra
SECOND: (Tie) Emily Loney, Caitlin Anderson

Musical Theatre, Ballad, Solo, 13 and 14 years
FIRST:  Abigail Lücke
SECOND:  Jillian Armstrong

Musical Theatre, Solo, 19 years and over
FIRST: Betty Ann Lücke

Musical Theatre, Ballad, Solo, 15 and 16 years
FIRST:  McKenna Begin
SECOND: (Tie) Isaac Firth, Faith Pollard

Musical Theatre, Up-Tempo, Solo, 15 and 16 years
FIRST:  Kenzie Godin
SECOND: (Tie) Isaac Firth, McKenna Begin

Musical Theatre, Ballad, Solo, 17 and 18 years
FIRST:  Taylor Shouldice
SECOND:  Danielle Pearce

Musical Theatre, Up-Tempo, Solo, 17 and 18 years
FIRST:  Taylor Shouldice

Contemporary Solo, 17 and 18 years
FIRST:  Maggie Gauthier
SECOND: (Tie) Alisha Hunter, Taylor Shouldice

Original Composition, 19 years and over
FIRST:  Lisa Loney and Maggie Gauthier

County To Help College Find Space

Koochiching County is offering some help to find extra space for Rainy River Community College.

The College had expressed interest in a former Armory building for an industrial maintenance program.

Commissioner Wade Pavleck feels putting a proposal to the State for a new building might be a better route.

The College says it has 22 students planning to take the course this fall.