Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More Sites Examined

Some additional potential sites for the proposed renewable energy clean air project in Koochiching County will be explored.

The city of International Falls has agreed to pay for a study that will examine the topography and wetlands of three areas along Highway 332.

One of the properties is owned by the city while the others are privately owned and located nearby.

Fort Frances Challenges For Hockeyville Title

An effort to get Fort Frances named Canada's Hockeyville is underway.

Local resident Jon Glueheisen has put forward the submission into the Kraft Canada contest.

Glueheisen says he's now looking for people to become members, share photos and stories to help boast the entry.

Click this link to connect with the site.

To find the submission you must first look up Memorial Sports Centre or type Fort Frances in the city column.

School Bus Cancellations For Wednesday January 8

Here are the school bus routes cancelled today in the Rainy River district.

All Iron Range Fort Frances & Atikokan Buses
IR300 AJN     Shirley Thompson    
IR301 AKQ    Lynne Miles    
IR302 ASH     Herman Rodrigues    
IR303 ATK    William Zerebeski   
IR304 ATW    Stacy Bragg   
IR305 BUTTERFLY    Lyndon Hughes    
IR306 DSH    Nancy Allan    
IR307 LAMB     Roman Mlynarski    
IR308 MIS     Karen Kellar    
IR309 RCS     Kurt Miller    
IR310 SDP    Eileen Cross    
IR311 TE    Ella Wall    
IR312 TNC     Michelle Brusven   
IR313 TNE     Judy Ligetfalvy    
IR314 WFS     Max Gavel     

All Dimit Busline Buses
DB100 ANH    Jane Peterson    
DB101 BN    Tracy Mose   
DB102 BP     Brenda Hunsperger   
DB103 CLE     Karen Borger    
DB104 CN     Brad Shoemaker    
DB105 ECE    Harrold Boven    
DB106 ENS     Kyla Hartlin    
DB107 ESS     Brennin Chamberlin   
DB108 LION    Evelyn Martin    
DB109 OWL    Brian Carlson    
DB110 RFH    Bernice Kornelsen   
DB111 SCE    Bob Dimit   
DB112 SFN    Vic Alberts     

SM235 (Shane McDonald)

Stanjikoming First Nation bus driven by Brian Wayash

All Rainy River First Nation Buses

All Northwest Bay Buses

All Red Gut  Bay Buses

All Seine River Buses

Zaagi-idw in Aboriginal Head start Program and bus has been cancelled for today and tomorrow

All Rainy River District School Board Schools remain open for students and staff.