Friday, February 21, 2014

Mail Delivery Continues This Year

Door-to-door mail delivery in northwestern Ontario communities will continue for at least this year.

Canada Post says it will start rolling out its expansion of community mailboxes this fall to 11 communities.

They includes some parts of Winnipeg and Calgary, Oakville and Kanata near Ottawa.

No northwestern Ontario communities are listed.

Canada Post plans to have community mailboxes in all areas where door-to-door delivery now exists within the next five years.

Spectrum Sale

A recent sell off of frequency for expanded wireless services in Canada has netted the federal government more than $5.2 billion.

A total of 97 licenses were awarded to 8 companies taking part in the 700-megahertz spectrum auction.

Bell, Rogers, TELUS and Bragg Communications were winning bids for licenses in northern Ontario.

TBaytel participated in the auction but failed to win any bids.

Energy Summit Planned

Ontario will host an energy summit next week.

The Summit will bring together national, provincial, business and policy leaders from the energy and innovation sectors.

They'll be talking about such things as opportunities in clean energy technology and ways of tapping into international markets.

Energy Minister Bob Chicarelli says it will be a platform for the province can share its successes and collaborate on ways to export its expertise.

School Bus Cancellations In Rainy River District

Weather is having an impact on some schools and buses today.

Classes at Confederation College's campus in Fort Frances have been cancelled.

Schools in International Falls and Indus are delaying the start of classes by two hours this morning.

All schools in the Rainy River district are open.

Here is the complete list of all bus cancellations in the Rainy River district.

All Iron Ranges buses

All Dimit Bus lines

Seine River to Mine Centre

Seine River's handicap bus

All Red Gut Bay buses

Northwest Bay high school and elementary buses

Rainy River First Nation high school

Stanjikoming First Nations buses

Shane McDonald - SM 235

Bruce Neilson - BN 245

Bill Romyn - BR 260

Ken Fisher - ESE 205

Keith Jolicouer - KR 220

Jodi Gouliquer - Big Grassy to Rainy River High School

Maury Nielson - MN 251

Darryl Dyck - MN 250

Shelly McDoanld - MM230

Jack Medwechuk - JM 240 - Morson to Rainy River

Kaylene Johnson - BJ 216 XRR

Bob Johnson - BJ 215HHW

Fort Frances Helps With Recycling Data Base

Fort Frances is being credited with helping Ontario Waste Diversion establish a new municipal database.

It allows the agency to collect information on how much material is being diverted from landfill sites.

Chief Executive Officer Michael Scott says Fort Frances was used as a test model before rolling it out province wide.

Scott says the better data might also help improve municipal recycling efforts.