Friday, April 12, 2013

Festival Results From Thursday April 11

The first week of the Rainy River District Festival of the Performing Arts has come to a close with Kaylen Cunningham capturing a pair of first place awards in piano.

The festival resumes next Tuesday with competition in English and French drama.

Local comedian Ryan McMahon returns home to serve as adjudicator.

Here is a list of all winners from Thursday.

Popular Selection, Grade 5
FIRST:  Katelyn Bruyere

Popular Selection, Grade 6
FIRST:  Jordan Bruyere

Popular Selection, Grade 8
FIRST:  Erin Gustafson

Popular Selection, Grade 9
FIRST:  Sarah Bagacki
SEOND:  Kaitlyn Chiasson

Quick Study, Grade 8
FIRST:  Lorianne Dueck
SECOND:  Lucas Koomans

Own Choice, Grade 2
FIRST:  Kaylen Cunningham

Romantic 20th or 21st Century, Grade 3
FIRST:  Jessica Empey
SECOND:  Jacob Gustafson

Romantic 20th or 21st Century, Grade 2
FIRST:  Kaylen Cunningham

Classical, Level 2
FIRST:  Jordan Eldridge
SECOND:  Katrina Klug

 Children's Songs, Level 2
FIRST:  Chandler Borger
SECOND:  (Tie) Mykenzie Borger, Star Martin

Children's Songs, Level 2
FIRST:  Kaylyn Levesque
SECOND:  (Tie) Naomi Dunn, Presley McQuaker

Traditional Hymn, Folk Hymn or Modern Chorus
FIRST:  Teagan Friesen

Communities Preparing For Mining Boom

Several communities in the Rainy River district are getting preparing for the benefits expected from new mines in the region.

Chapple township is receiving provincial funding to develop an economic development strategy and complete an inventory of available assets.

Atikokan is ensuring its community data is in GIS format.

It's also completing an analysis of available land for residential use and conducting a temporary housing study.

The Rainy River Future Development Corporation is receiving money to conduct an industrial park assessment.

Winter Shows It's Still Here

Another blast of winter for the Borderland today.

As much as five centimeters has fallen across the region so far with at least another five expected by the time the storm moves away later tonight.

There are no road closures, but the Ministry of Transportation reports highways in the Rainy River district to be snow covered with slushy sections.

Similar conditions are report on highways in Koochiching County.

Winter Trends Examined

There has been some wacky weather in northwestern Ontario this winter.

Environment Canada Geoff Coulson admits it's been a different winter that we normally expect.

There's been more snow fall than last year, but the trend for temperatures have been unusual with December and January warmer than normal while February, March and April have been colder than normal.

Coulson adds temperatures will likely stay cooler than normal for at least another two weeks.

Coroner's Inquest Called Into Death

The death of a Fort Frances man two years ago has sparked a coroner's inquest.

74-year-old Edwin "Teddy" Davis died while operating a trail groomer that broke through the ice on Manitou Lake in February 2011.

He had been building a winter road for a mining company.

The inquest will be held May 21st in Dryden.

Labour Board Rules EFTO Broke The Law

The Ontario Labour Relations Board says the union representing public elementary school teachers broke the law when it advised its members to withdraw from extracurricular activities.

The board says the action constituted a strike within the meaning of the Education Act.

The Elementary Teachers Federation's actions were province wide
, but the ruling only apply to two southern Ontario school boards who challenged the directive.

Cause For Paws Tomorrow

The Borderland Humane Society is preparing for a major fundraiser.

It's Cause for Paws goes Saturday at Lenard's in International Falls.

Event chair Kallie Kantos-Fritz says it's the fifth year for the event as the Society itself celebrates its 40th year.

Money raised is used in a variety of ways, including offsetting the costs to care for the animals the Society has at its facility.

Feasibility Report On Proposed Mine Released

Rainy River Resources says it has its road map to begin development of an open pit mine north of Barwick late next year.

The company has released it's feasiblity study identifying project costs at a billion dollars, creating 400 jobs during construction and 600 when the mine opens.

President Raymond Threlkeld doesn't foresee anything sidetracking plans.

The project currently going through the environment assessment process the company expects will be complete in time to begin construction in the fall of 2014.

Transmission Line Meetings Planned

Minnesota Power is giving area residents several opportunities to comment on proposed routes for a new transmission line to the Manitoba border.

A series of open houses will begin next week with one taking place in Littlefork April 19 at the Littlefork Community Centre.

The line is required to facilitate a power agreement with Manitoba Hydro that will selling power to Minnesota beginning in 2020.