Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fire Destroys Resort Cabins

Fire has caused extensive damage to a resort near Vermilion Bay.

The fire at Williard Lake Resort broke out late yesterday afternoon and destroyed a number of cabins.

Fire fighters from Kenora, Longbow Lake and Machin all responded, but by the time they arrived, the buildings were pretty much engulfed.

A lack of water supply also hampered fire fighting efforts.

OPP Survey To Be Conducted

The Ontario Provincial Police want to hear from you.

They're about to conduct a Community Satisfaction Survey.

Sergeant Pierre Chamberland says information collected helps OPP assess service in the province.

The telephone survey will conducted by a private firm who will begin its calls this month and continue until the end of March.

Coffee Break Underway

The Alzheimer's Society for the Kenora Rainy River Districts has kicked off its coffee break challenge.

Fund Development Coordinator Elizabeth Paul says it helps raise awareness and funds for various initiatives.

Local groups and businesses can still sign up by contacting the Alzheimer's Society in Kenora.

Medhurst To Be Remembered

One of Fort Frances' oldest citizens will be remembered Friday.

An event at the Sister Kennedy Centre will be held in remembrance of 105-year-old Hubert Medhurst who died last Thursday.

In October, he'd been named the Centre's first recipient of its Senior Citizen of the Year Award as part of the facilities 30-year anniversary.

The event Friday begins at 10 a.m.


Question of the Week

The Northwestern Health Unit is verifying the presence of the H1N1 in our region.

It says there have been 16 cases.

Each person effected did not get a flu shot before getting sick.

Will that news encourage you to get a flu shot?

Let us know on our website, 931theborder.ca.

School Bus Cancellations For Tuesday January 7

Here is a complete list of all bus cancellations for Tuesday January 7

Iron Range Bus Lines        
IR300 AJN     Shirley Thompson    
IR301 AKQ    Lynne Miles    
IR302 ASH     Herman Rodrigues    
IR303 ATK    William Zerebeski   
IR304 ATW    Stacy Bragg   
IR305 BUTTERFLY    Lyndon Hughes    
IR306 DSH    Nancy Allan    
IR307 LAMB     Roman Mlynarski    
IR308 MIS     Karen Kellar    
IR309 RCS     Kurt Miller    
IR310 SDP    Eileen Cross    
IR311 TE    Ella Wall    
IR312 TNC     Michelle Brusven   
IR313 TNE     Judy Ligetfalvy    
IR314 WFS     Max Gavel    

Dimit Bus Lines        
DB100 ANH    Jane Peterson    
DB101 BN    Tracy Mose   
DB102 BP     Brenda Hunsperger   
DB103 CLE     Karen Borger    
DB104 CN     Brad Shoemaker    
DB105 ECE    Harrold Boven    
DB106 ENS     Kyla Hartlin    
DB107 ESS     Brennin Chamberlin   
DB108 LION    Evelyn Martin    
DB109 OWL    Brian Carlson    
DB110 RFH    Bernice Kornelsen   
DB111 SCE    Bob Dimit   
DB112 SFN    Vic Alberts    

BJ215 HHW    Bob Johnson   
BJ216 XRR    Kaylene Johnson    

MN250 OLW/SCAP    Darryl Dyck    
MN251 NBS     Maury Nielson    

BN245 STN     Bruce Nielson

BR260 STW    Bill Romyn        

JM240 MOS     Jack Medwechuk    

SM235 DSE    Shane McDonald    

MM230 AVP     Shelley McDonald    

KF205 ESE    Ken Fisher

GF200 CLS     Greg Ferris

KJ220 XJK     Keith Jolicoeur         

All Rainy River First Nation Buses

Seine River Elementary Bus (Ted Menson)

Seine River Secondary Bus (Acer Allan)

Big Grassy High School bus (Jodi Goliquer)

Big Grassy Elementary bus (Elvis Adams)

Zaagi-idiwin Aboriginal Head Start Program and bus  cancelled

All Red Gut Bay Buses

Northwest Bay Bay Elementary and Secondary Buses

All Couchiching Buses

Big Island Elementary Bus