Friday, December 14, 2012

Board Reaction To Strike Announcement

The Rainy River District School Board has been quick to response to the planned action.

It's sending out letters to parents today through their children stating its elementary schools will not be open on Monday.

Buses for its elementary students won't be running either.
Buses that pick up catholic students won't be impacted.

It will also be classes as usual at high schools in Fort Frances, Atikokan and Rainy River.

Teachers Strike Planned For Monday

Classrooms at public elementary schools across the Rainy River district will be empty Monday.

Teachers, occasional teachers, and education support staff will participate in a one-day strike in protest over Bill 115.

Trevor Bowles, a local president with the Elementary Teachers Federation says no pickets are planned in front of schools.

They'll instead gather at the Memorial Sports Centre as a central location with picketing happening at the Rainy River District Board office in Fort Frances.

Teachers in Atikokan will be protesting in front of MPP Bill Mauro's office in Atikokan.

Seniors Group Wants Meetings Over Resolute

A group of former mill workers that's been fighting for the protection workers pensions is now calling on Fort Frances town council to hold a community meeting regarding Resolute Forest Products.

Chair of the Seniors-Retirees Against Pension and Elder Abuse Allan Bedard says they would also like company president Richard Garneau being involved.

Bedard says it should include representatives of those impacted by the company's decision to idle its kraft mill and a paper machine in Fort Frances.

Bedard says recent comments by Garneau promising to protect pensions was encouraging news they'd like to explore further.

Ontario Electricty Distribution Companies Suggested They Merge

A panel of three former cabinet ministers is recommending about 80 local distribution companies merge into much larger regional electricity distributors, with just two in northern Ontario.

Chair Murray Elston says they did not take a position on allowing more private players in the electricity system, but is confident there would be $1.2 billion dollars in savings over 10 years in either case.

The New Democrats say the panel's report clears the way for more privatization and higher rates.

The Progressive Conservatives like the idea of voluntary mergers of electricity distribution companies, but want to make sure local voices still have a say in the operation of the new utilities.

Visitor Restrictions At Rainycrest

Visitor restrictions have been imposed at Rainycrest Long Term Care.

It's because of a number of confirmed cases of gastroenteritis at the Fort Frances seniors facility.

Only family members are being allowed to visit for now, but they're asked not to visit if they suffer from a cough, fever, nausea or diarrhea.

All group programming by Activision has also been halted until further notice.

Christmas Dinner Planning Going Well

It has the food, it just needs a few extra bodies.

Karen Mitchell of the Fort Frances Volunteer Bureau says planning for this year's Community Christmas Dinner is going well with all of the food needed gathered during last weekend's Stuff-a-Cruiser campaign.

Mitchell says they'll still looking for people to assist, especially with Meal's on Wheels that will deliver dinners to people who can't get to Knox United Church.

Call Gabi Hanzuk (274-3764) or June Caul (274-2209) for more information.

Those wanting a meal delivered must call before next Friday.

NOTO Executive Director Steps Down

Some changes for a regional tourism group.

Executive Director of Nature and Outdoor Tourism In Ontario, Doug Reynolds is stepping down at the end of next month as part of restructuring of the more than 80-year-old group.

Reynold says the group likely would not have survived without making some significant changes.

Reynolds is hoping to continue working on projects within the organization after his departure.

Gift Cards May Be Useless

The LCBO says you may not be able to redeem LCBO and Vintages gift cards that a website is offering at a significant discount.

The LCBO says the offer is not authorized by the them and it has no knowledge of the source of the gift cards being offered through this site.