Tuesday, March 19, 2013

City Moves Ahead With Licensing Of Rental Properties

The city of International Falls is taking the next step towards licensing and inspecting rental properties.

Council approved at their meeting last night to sent a letter asking landlords to register their properties with the city.

Some landlords like John Vinar feel the city's moving too quick with its efforts.

The city has always had an ordinance requiring the licensing of rental properties, but never had a process to enforce it.

The city isn't requiring landlords to have licenses until the end of 2014.

Liberals Not Following Through With Merger

Even though it could produce a substantial saving, the Ontario government says it won't force local electricity distribution utilities to merge.

An expert panel set up by the Liberal government called for the 80 local distribution companies to be merged into eight-to-12 regional agencies within two years.

But Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli says the Liberal government will not legislate forced consolidation.

The Fort Frances Power Corporation had opposed the merger plan saying it would lead to high electricity rates for its power users.

Phys-Ed Teacher Shortage

R. R.  District School Board photo
A new report from an education advocacy group says there's a shortage of physical education teachers in Ontario's elementary schools.

The report from People for Education finds only 45 per cent of schools surveyed had a specialist physical education and health teacher on staff.

The shortage is most pronounced in northern Ontario where only 22 per cent of schools have phys-ed staff compared to 75 per cent in the Toronto area.

Overdose Prevention Program Launched

The Northwestern Health Unit wants to prevent drug overdose deaths in the region.

It's started a prevention program aimed at those who are at risk of overdosing on opioids such as oxycodone.

Manager Gillian Lunny says eligible participants will be offered a drug called Naloxone that helps counter the effects of an overdose.

Lunny says they're also educating those of the risks associated with using opioids.

Fort Frances Not On Casino List

A deadline for communities to submit an application for a casino to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has passed without Fort Frances on the list.

OLG spokesperson Tony Bitonti says there were 10 other communities that did make it, including  including Kenora.

The province considers the Kenora area as an under-serviced areas for gaming potential.

Provincial Promoting Mining Benefits

The provincial government is highlighting the benefits mining is having on Ontario's economy.

Northern Development and Mines Minister Michael Gravelle says the province is seeing record spending by the industry.

"In 2003, exploration expenditures in Ontario were $193 million," says Gravelle. "In 2011, we surpassed the $1-billion mark in mineral exploration. That makes Ontario the leading jurisdiction in Canada for exploration. The value of mineral production in 2003 was $5.7 billion. In 2011, we reached $10.7 billion."

Gravelle says that makes Ontario the leading jurisdiction in Canada when it come to exploration.

Some Moose Deaths Caused By Wolves

Researchers tracking the decline of northern Minnesota's moose population have found wolves are to blame for some of the deaths.

State wildlife experts trapped 111 moose in January and February and placed GPS trackers and transmitters on the animals.

Researchers say six of the moose in the study have died and at least two appear to be victims of wolf attacks.

Bus Cancellations For Tuesday March 19

Poor road conditions in the rural areas are forcing some buses to cancel their routes today.

Here is a list of buses not running today.

DB100 - ANH     Jane Peterson    Dimit Buslines
DB101 - BN    Tracy Mose    Dimit Buslines
DB102 - BP    Vic Alberts    Dimit Buslines
DB103 - CLE    Karen Borger    Dimit Buslines
DB104 - CN    Bradley Shoemaker    Dimit Buslines
DB105 - ECE    Harrold Boven     Dimit Buslines
DB106 - ENS    Kyla Hartlin    Dimit Buslines
DB107 - ESS    Gwen Dimit    Dimit Buslines
DB110 - RFH    Bernice Kornelsen    Dimit Buslines
DB111 - SCE    Jody Jolicouer     Dimit Buslines
DB112 - SFN    Aleata Jerry    Dimit Buslines
SM235 - DSE    Shane McDonald    Shane McDonald
GF200  - CLS    Greg Ferris    Greg Ferri
IR302  - ASH    Herman Rodrigues    Iron Range
IR312 - TNC (RP-AM)    Roman Mlynarski    Iron Range
IR304  - ATW    Stacy Bragg    Iron Range
IR306 -  DSH     Nancy Allan    Iron Range
IR307  - LAMB (RP-PM)    Lyndon Hughes    Iron Range - reef point portion of run this afternoon only
IR308  - MIS    Karen Kellar     Iron Range
Stanjikoming First Nation - Brian Wayash
Rainy River First Nation high school bus - Viola Medicine

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