Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Bags Are Back

The Bags are coming Back.

Riverside Foundation For Health Care says its decided to incorporate decorated bags and purses back into its annual spring luncheon fundraiser.

Events Committee chair Janice Cousineau says public demand convinced them to bring them back.

The Foundation is now looking for donations of gently used bags and purses for the May 4th event.

You can call Janice or the Foundation office if you can help out.

More UFO's Being Reported

UFO activity seems to be picking up in Northwestern Ontario.

Chris Rutkowski helps publish an annual sightings report.

He says there were several sighting reported from the Thunder Bay and Kenora area's last year.

More than 13-hundred reports of UFO's were identified across Canada.

Hospitals Seek Fairness

Ontario's hospitals says they're only seeking fairness for all health care professionals as they work toward a contract with the Ontario Nurses Association.

Both sides are awaiting an arbitrator's ruling on the issues of wages.

President of the Ontario Hospital Association Anthony Dale says the bargaining used is that based on agreements they're already signed with other labour groups.

The Nurse's union argues the hospital association wants to cut wages and benefits on the heels of a two-year wage freeze.

Nurses who work in hospital in the Rainy River district are impacted by the labour negotiations.

Greenpeace Continues PR Battle With Resolute

File photo
Greenpeace is continuing it's public relations battle with Resolute Forest Products.

The environmental group unfurled two banners Tuesday morning on the Mount Royal Cross in Montreal.

Greenpeace says the action is part of it's campaign against Resolute's operations in the Boreal Forest.

Concerns Expressed With E-Cigs

Some see it as an alternative to the real thing, but there is a new concern over E-cigarettes.

The Minnesota Poison Control System says it seeing a dramatic rise in the number of children being poisoned by the e-cigarettes liquid nicotine.

The liquid is heated to simulate the effects of a real cigarette.

None of the children were hospitalized or seriously injured, but the State's Health Commissioner Doctor Ed Ehlinger says it high lites the potential risks and the importance of storing e-cigs out of the reach of children.

Colleges Press For 3-Year Degree Programs

Ontario's college are stressing a need for three-year college degrees.

A number of College presidents uses a skill's summit hosted by Premier Kathleen Wynne in Toronto Tuesday to press their case.

Chair of Colleges Ontario David Agnew says allowing three-year degrees would encourage more people to consider a post-secondary program.

Currently, colleges offer four-year degree programs, but can only award diplomas in a three-year program.

Fort Frances Youth Now On The Job In Fort Frances

A Fort Frances youth is now on the job as a page at Queen's Park and was introduced by Speaker of the House Dave Levac Tuesday morning.

Mira Donaldson is a grade 7 student at Robert Moore School who will for the next month deliver messages to MPP's, meet key parliamentarians and learn about Ontario's government.

It's the first time in many years that a youth from the Rainy River district has been selected to serve as a Queen's Park page.