Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More School Buses To Be Added

The bus ride for some of the Rainy River district's youngest learners should be a little shorter next year.

Additional school buses will be put on the road in Fort Frances and Atikokan to reduce the time students in early learning programs are on the bus.

Some are now riding a bus in excess of an hour.

Rainy River District School Board's Heather Campbell says money will come from the existing transportation budget by finding efficiencies in the system.

The extra bus in Atikokan, though, is pending agreement with the Northwest Catholic District School Board.

Day of Pink

Residents around the Borderland are being asked to take a stand against bullying today by wearing pink.

This is Day of Pink which is now recognized around the world.

Superintendent of Education with the Rainy River District School Board Casey Slack says they're using the day to launch a new way of reporting incidents.

Slack says the on-line form is found on all school websites and allows parents and students option to report incidents of bullying.

Slack says it doesn't remove the ability of students and parents taking complaints directly to a principal.

Seven Gens Ready For Mining Program

Seven Generations Education Institute is leasing the former Fort Frances bingo hall to help run a new mining preparedness program.

The lot is filled with a number of trailers from Cambrian College.

Chief Executive Officer Delbert Horton says it's all part of the $5.2 million received from the federal government.

Horton says they currently have 260 students enrolled in the programs throughout the region.

Ontario College Of Trades Bashed

The Ontario PC's are slamming the Ontario College of Trades.

 Leader Tim Hudak says the college is nothing more than a money grab and is standing in the way of creating jobs for young people.

Some in the industry says the college opens the door to a new government business tax.

Supporters say it has helped create a level playing field for shops and technicians through better enforcement.

Premier Kathleen Wynne also defends the year old College.

The Premier says the college is designed to make sure people in the skilled trades are qualified to do the job.

County Jail To House Extra Inmates

Koochiching County's jail could see a few more inmates in its cells.

The County has agreed to handle prisoners from Nett Lake, a small community bordering Koochiching and St. Louis Counties.

Sheriff Brian Jesperson says it comes with a few dollars to offset costs.

Jesperson says the contract also gives the County the option not to take inmates who may too violent for jail staff.

New Emergency Personnel Hired

Some new hires for International Falls emergency services.

International Falls Police have hired two new officers while the City's Ambulance service has added two new paramedics.

The Falls Fire department is also adding eight new volunteer firefighters, bringing its complement to 29.

Some of the new hires replace people who were leaving or retiring.

Training for all of the new hires is underway.

Fee System Working Well

A new reservation and fee system for Voyageurs National Park appears to be working well.

Park officials says the system, which went into place last week, saw 200 people make reservations for the 51 campsites available in the first two days the system went on-line.

Burn Now

MNR file photo
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is encouraging homeowners who want to burn to do it now.

The DNR says State burning restrictions will take effect once the snow is gone which could be in the next few weeks.

Restrictions in Ontario kicked in April 1.

Teacher Talk Legislation Now Law

Legislation to be used in future contract talks with the province's educators is now law.

Final approval of Bill 122 came yesterday at Queen's Park with New Democrat support.

The Liberals says it allows for associations representing school boards to be at the bargaining table with government and unions reps on province-wide issues.

Local bargaining will still continue on all other issues.

Almost all existing collective agreements are to expire at the end of this August.

Former Band Co-Manager Charged

The former co-manager of a northern Ontario reserve that was at the forefront of housing issues and treaty rights has been charged with fraud and theft.

62-year-old Clayton Kennedy will appear in May 28th.

Nishnawbe-Aski Police Sergeant Jackie George it stems a lengthy investigation initiated in February of last year.

In private life, Kennedy is the partner of Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence.

Man Charged In Dog Attack

A man is facing a charge under the Fish and Wildlife Act after a dog attacked a deer in Dryden.

OPP says the dog was running-at-large and last Thursday's incident was witnessed by a number of people.

One of the individuals was forced to put the deer down because of the injuries sustained.

Festival Results Day 6

Anna Schwartz Sarah Bagacki and Emmy Saciuk among those to shine on the piano at the Rainy River District Festival of the Performing Arts.

Bagacki earned three first place wins while Schwartz and Saciuk won twice.

Competitions continues today at the Townshend Theatre.

Here is a list of all winners from Tuesday.

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Romantic, Grade 9
FIRST: (Tie) SarahBagacki, Erin Gustafson

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Romantic, Grade 8
FIRST:  Anna Schwartz

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Post-Romantic or 20th or 21st Century, Grade 9
FIRST:  Sarah Bagacki 2
SECOND:  Erin Gustafson

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Post-Romantic or 20th or 21st Century, Grade 8
FIRST:  Anna Schwartz 2
SECOND:  Tianna Veldhuisen

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Romantic or 20th or 21st Century, Grade 7
FIRST:  Wanetta Petkau
SECOND:  Jordan Bruyere

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Romantic or 20th or 21st Century, Grade 6
FIRST:  Mika Kooistra
SECOND:  Emma Dykstra

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Romantic or 20th or 21st Century, Grade 5
FIRST:  Macy Anderson
SECOND: Jacob Erickson

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Romantic or 20th or 21st Century, Grade 4
FIRST:  Paige Whitefish
SECOND:  Jacob Gustafson

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Romantic or 20th or 21st Century, Grade 3
FIRST:  Kaylen Cunningham
SECOND:  (Tie) Joyce Wu, Shakira Wapoose

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Own Choice, Grade 5
FIRST:  Madison Krikke

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Own Choice, Grade 4
FIRST:  Jacob Gustafson
SECOND:  Paige Whitefish

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Own Choice, Grade 3
FIRST:  Joyce Wu
SECOND:  (Tie) Shakira Wapoose, Kaylen Cunningham

Piano Ensemble, Two Pianos, Two Performers
FIRST:  Jacob Erickson and Jessie Laurion

Piano Solo, Method Courses, Children’s Songs, Level 1 (8 years and under)
FIRST:  Kayleigh Cooper
SECOND:  (Tie) Keira Wood, Abby Bone

Piano Solo, Method Courses, Classical, Level 1
FIRST:  Mickenna Ryll
SECOND:  Eva Gerstner

Piano Solo, Method Courses, Popular, Level 1
FIRST:  Noella Taves
SECOND:  Keira Wood

Piano Solo, Open Piano, Introductory
FIRST:  Ty Cunningham
SECOND:  (Tie) Liam Dent, Keira Wood, Michael Redford

Piano Solo, Open Piano, Elementary
FIRST:  Katrina Klug

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Own Choice, Introductory Level
FIRST:  Emmy Saciuk
SECOND:  (Tie) Ty Cunningham, Michael Redford

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, 20th or 21st Century, Introductory Level
FIRST:  Emmy Saciuk  2
SECOND:  Ty Cunningham