Monday, March 11, 2013

Fort Teacher New OSSTF President

A teacher at Fort Frances High School is the new president of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation.

Paul Elliot was voted in as head of the 60-thousand member union at a conference in Toronto yesterday.

He's previously served as vice-president since 2007.

Thunder Bay's Sue Doughty-Smith joins him on the OSSTF executive as Executive Officer.

Expansion Planned For J.W. Walker

Google Earth
J.W. Walker School in Fort Frances will be getting larger.

Education Director with the Rainy River District School Board Heather Campbell says it's to accommodate the early learning program to be offered at the school this fall.

The work includes expanding two classrooms and relocating the entrance to the playground.

Campbell says tenders came in over budget, so the board is hoping for additional dollars from the province or approval to use reserves before starting work.

Hot Stove Murder Recreated

A high profile murder case in the Rainy River district from the 1940's is being recreated.

Tom Foley and Tracey Gibson will begin production today on a documentary on the so-called Hot Stove Murder.

Three men were hanged outside the Fort Frances Courthouse in the torture of Viola Jamieson who at one point was sat naked on a hot stove.

Foley says it's a case that he's long been fascinated with.

Gibson says the availability of documents from the case is helping in the scripting.

The pair hope to enter the completed work in film festival and plan a public showing.

Council Meeting Moved

A regular meeting of Fort Frances Council, scheduled for tonight, has been moved.

It will now be held Thursday with the public session starting at 6:35 p.m.

Natural Resources Minister Ponders Cuts

The new Minister of Natural Resources is weighing in on any possible cuts to the Ministry.

David Orazietti says the MNR like all Ministries is facing financial pressure.

Orazietti says he'll try to balance offering front line support with modern service features.

Pay Hike For Minnesota Politicians Proposed

Minnesota's governor and legislators could be in line for their first pay hikes since the late 1990s.

The Compensation Council is recommending the governor's $120-thousand a-year base pay be upped 3 percent in 2015 and again in 2016.

Legislator pay would be set at one-third of what the governor makes.

February Was Indeed Cold

If you think it felt colder than usual in February in the Borderland, your right.

Environment Canada's Peter Kimball says their look back at the weather for the month seemed to show a reverse in a warming trend experienced at the start of the winter season.

Kimball says February came in 2.5 C colder than normal after temperatures in December and January were a tick warmer than usual.

Kimball long-range forecasts point to above average temperatures in April before settling to more normal levels in May and June.

Question of the Week

An efforts by representatives on both side of the border to start working together on marketing the Borderland is being met with some positive reaction.

Our website poll shows 52 per of respondents seeing recent talks as very positive.

14 per cent see them as a good start.

This week we ask if you think the province's review of how northern Ontario mill properties were assessed will lead to any help to communities affected.

CEP Unionizes Home Health Care Group

The Communication Energy and Paperworkers union is expanding its representation in the home health care sector.

Twenty-five Revera office and client services staff across northwestern Ontario have voted 60 per cent in favour of joining CEP.

Revera provides home health care services to residents across the region including here in Fort Frances.