Wednesday, July 17, 2013

City Turns To Former U.S. Congressman For Advice

The city of International Falls is turning to a familiar face for help in the development of its multi-modal initiative.

Director of Economic and Community Development Shawn Mason says officials will meet next week with former U.S. Congressman Jim Oberstar.

Mason says they're hoping he can identify how the city can benefit from a major rail point of entry and highway transportation links.

Oberstar chaired the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee while in office.

Mason says Oberstar is offering up his services at no cost to the city other than having to pay for travel expenses.

New Invasive Species In Minnesota

Another invasive plant is threatening to overwhelm native species in northern Minnesota.

It's called Japanese knotweed and looks like bamboo.

The Department of Natural Resources calls it a "significant threat,'' especially near water as it can survive high water and floods and spread before native species recover.