Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pet Rescue Group Offers Help To Town

A new pet rescue group is asking for changes to how Fort Frances operates its pound.

Whisker's and Tails Animal Rescue is offering to assist in helping find homes for animals whose owners don't come forward.

Founder, Mrs. Sullivan, who asked we not reveal her first name, says they're petitioning council to consider its offer to work together.

So far, the group has over 250 names supporting its efforts.

Town Response To Rescue Group's Petition

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The town of Fort Frances says it does make every effort to find homes for the animals that come under its care.

By-law enforcement officer Patrick Briere says the number of animals put down each year is actually very low.

Brier says they also work with other agencies, including those in International Falls, to find homes.

He adds the pound is operated according to provincial guidelines with annual inspections.

Contract For Multi-Modal Work Awarded

International Falls council has agreed to move forward on work to bring sewer and water services to its multi-modal area east of the city.

Mayor Bob Anderson was reluctant to agree to a $410-thousand contract when he says there's doubt on whether anyone is actually interest in the property.

Councillor Gail Rogenrud says there's a potential client the local economic development authority is talking with.

She adds not to move forward with the project would put in jeopardy a commitment of $650-thousand from the State.

The City has already spent about $190-thousand of its own money on site development.

Falls Council Agrees To Donohue Property Recommendations

International Falls council is acting on recommendations that help identify potential uses of the Donohue property.

It includes creating a trail, annexing the property and securing the land given to the city a couple of years ago in a deal with the former owners.

Several  residents attending last night's meeting expressed concern with the cost.

Mayor Bob Anderson who voted in opposition suggested acting on the recommendations would be a low priority right now for the city.

NDP Support PC Contempt Motion

The NDP is supporting a Conservative motion accusing the Liberal government of contempt.

New Democrat house leader Gilles Bisson says it's clear the government is trying to subvert the legislature by announcing budget details before the document is released at Queen's Park.

The Conservatives says the Liberals plan to announced $5.7 billion in spending in advance of the budget's release.

School Breakfast Programs Supported

The provincial government want to ensure students have a well-balance breakfast to start the day.

It's announced $32-million over the next three years to expand and enhance student nutrition programs in schools.

As many as 340 new breakfast programs will be creating, including ones at First Nations schools, beginning in northern Ontario.

New Medical Officer Of Health On The Job

A new face at the Northwestern Health Unit.

Dr. Kit Young-Hoon is the new medical officer of health.

Young-Hoon is looking forward to the job with a focus on implementing the Health Unit's strategic plan.

Young-Hoon takes over from Dr. James Arthurs who officially retired last Monday.

Liberal Accused Of Contempt

The provincial Liberals are  being accused of contempt.

Conservative critic Vic Fedeli suggests the Premier is trying to subvert the Ontario legislature by leaking portions of the provincial budget.

Fedeli says the government plans to announce $5.7 billion dollars in spending in the next 27 days leading up to the budget's release.

Gas Plant Scandal Continues

The gas plant scandal continues to dominate debate at Queen's Park.

The opposition grilled the Liberals repeatedly yesterday about what the government knew about allegations of wrong-doing in the premier's office.

Liberal House Leader John Milloy says the matter is under investigation and is best left to the police.

Over the weekend, Premier Kathleen Wynne confirmed she has sent a libel notice to Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak. 

Mill Fined

A northwestern Ontario mill has been slapped with a huge fine in connection with an explosion that killed a worker three years ago.

Terrace Bay pulp was fined $275-thousand dollars after a Ministry of Labour investigation determined welding repairs to a steel tank had been allowed to take place before the tank has been cleared of hazardous material inside.

The probe also found the mill had not taken reasonable precautions in advance of the work.

Province Says Gains Made In Education And Health

The provincial government is chest thumping about the improvements Ontario has made in Health and Education.

In a progress report released, the province says several improvements have been seen in both areas.

It includes noting reduced surgical wait times for cancer surgeries, more Ontarians now with a family doctor and more nurse hired over the past decade.

More Technology Planned For Schools

School Boards can expect to see more technology in their classrooms.

Premier Kathleen Wynne says the province will invest more than $150-million over the next three years to bring more digital tablets, netbook, camera and software into schools.

Some of the money will be used for professional development to keep teachers up-to-date on the technology.

Festival Day 5 Results

The first day of piano competitions at the Rainy River District Festival of the Performing Arts saw several multi-winners.

Raymond Polz among them who took home three first-place awards.

The competitions continue today at the Townshend Theatre beginning at 9 AM

Here is the list of all winners from Monday.

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Baroque, Grade 9
FIRST:  Raymond Polz
SECOND:  (Tie) Erin Gustafson, Sarah Bagacki

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Baroque, Grade 8
FIRST:  Anna Schwartz
SECOND:  Tianna Veldhuisen

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Baroque, Grade 7
FIRST:  Wanetta Petkau
SECOND:  Gareth Dunn

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Baroque, Grade 6
FIRST:  Brianna Eldridge
SECOND:  Mika Kooistra

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Baroque, Grade 5
FIRST:  Madison Krikke

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Classical, Grade 5
FIRST:  Jessica Empey
SECOND:  Madison Krikke

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Classical, Grade 9
FIRST:  Raymond Polz
SECOND:  Erin Gustafson

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Classical, Grade 8
FIRST:  Anna Schwartz
SECOND:  Tianna Veldhuisen

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Classical, Grade 7
FIRST:  Jordan Bruyere
SECOND:  Gareth Dunn

Piano Solo, Examination Courses, Classical, Grade 6
FIRST:  Brianna Eldridge
SECOND:  Emma Dykstra

Piano Solo, Traditional Hymn, Fold Hymn or Modern Chorus Accompaniment, Intermediate
FIRST:  Mika Kooistra
SECOND:  Alexa Veldhuisen

Piano Solo, Own Composition, Advanced
FIRST:  Raymond Polz

Piano Solo, Method Courses, Children’s Songs, Introductory Level
FIRST:  Torrie Spence
SECOND:  Emerson Archie

Piano Solo, Method Courses, Popular, Introductory Level
FIRST:  Dahlia Kaun
SECOND: (Tie) Valentina Schickell-Busch, Torrie Spence, Liam Dent

Piano Solo, Method Courses, Classical, Introductory Level
FIRST:  Rex Tolton

Piano Solo, Own Composition, Introductory
FIRST:  Sullivan Spiers

Piano Solo, Method Courses, Children’s Songs, Level 1 (9 years and older)
FIRST:  Kaidence Perreault
SECOND: (Tie) Connor Dutka, Bransen Campbell

Piano Solo, Method Course, Jazz, Level 1
FIRST:  Connor Dutka
SECOND:  Bransen Campbell