Monday, February 11, 2013

School Bus Cancellations For Monday February 11

Here is a list of School Buses in the Rainy River District cancelled today.

DB100 - Jane Peterson    Dimit Buslines
DB104 - Bradley Shoemaker    Dimit Buslines
DB105 - Harrold Boven     Dimit Buslines
Seine River F.N. Elementary Bus to Mine Centre - Ted Menson
IR302 - Herman Rodrigues    Iron Range
IR304 - Stacy Bragg    Iron Range
IR306 - Nancy Allan    Iron Range
IR308 - Karen Kellar     Iron Range
IR312 - Roman Mlynarski    Iron Range
Red Gut Bay to Mine Centre - Duane Morrison
Stanjikoming F.N. - Brian Wayash
DB103 - Karen Borger    Dimit Buslines
SM235 - Shane McDonald    Shane McDonald
Seine River F.N. High School Bus - Norman Allan Jr.
Seine River Handicap Bus - Ringo Whitecrow
DB101 - Tracy Mose    Dimit Buslines
DB112 - Aleata Jerry    Dimit Buslines
Red Guy Bay High School Bus to Fort Frances - Mike Morrison

IR107 driven by Lyndon Hughes is operating this morning, but its afternoon route to Reef Point has been cancelled.

This list will be updated as bus lines notify 93.1 The Border.