Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sheriff Worried About Emergency Prepareness Costs

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Koochiching County's Sheriff is voicing concern with the cost of preparing for an emergency.

Brian Jesperson updated County commissioners at their meeting yesterday, of potential initiatives such as Counties being required to have a full-time emergency manager and a fully-equipped operation center.

Jesperson says the measures are being pushed with little financial support.

But he says failing to comply could impact on future federal support in time of a disaster.

Fire Charges Stay Put

Residents of Koochiching County won't see an increase in the cost of fire protection next year.

Fees for the Rural Fire Service Taxing District will remain the same.

Homeowners are charged 85-dollars while commercial property owners are charged based on the value of their buildings.

The city of Rainer is charged $29,500.

Rep Randy Pozniak says the only change is that they're letting people now sooner than before.

Pozniak says they've also changed the date of its annual meeting from February to June.

Thunder Bay Sawmill Shuts Down

Resolute Forest Products is shutting its sawmill in Thunder Bay down temporarily.

The company calls it a safety break after an employee broke his nose while on the job Monday.

Company spokesperson Xavier Van Chau says it was felt best to halt operations after what he calls a pattern of safety issues at the mill.

No word when operations will resume.

Murder Charge Laid

A 21-year old woman is facing a second degree murder charge following a death on Kasabonika Lake First Nation.

OPP say 20-year old Courtney Mamakeesic died from her injuries sustained in an altercation at a residence Sunday.

21-year old Clarissa Anderson of Kasabonika was arrested and will appear in a Kenora courtroom Friday.

Thin Ice Warning

Ice is forming on some waters and that is prompting a warning from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to stay off.

The warning follows the recent rescue of a man on Little Rock Lake in Benton County who fell through the ice while fishing.

The DNR says a few days of cold weather doesn't create ice strong enough to hold a person.