Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Seniors Seek Freeze on Taxes and User Fees

A Fort Frances seniors group wants town council to hold the line on taxes and user fees for the next couple of years.

The Seniors, Retirees Against Pension and Elder Abuse also wants a recent 3 per cent hike on sewer and water rates repealed.

Chair Allan Bedard says too many people are already suffering financially.

Council will continues its budget discussion tonight with a major focus on user fees.

Huffman To Stay As Housing Subdivision

Fort Frances council is staying the course on plans for a new housing subdivision at the former Huffman School property.

The Fort Frances Seniors Advisory Committee suggested the old school become an extension of the Sister Kennedy Centre.

Mayor Roy Avis says the plans come too late to consider now given the town has spent a lot of time and energy on planning the development.

Councillor Ken Perry adds it would also be too costly to fix and maintain the building for a senior centre.

Resolute Seeks Lower Assessment In Thunder Bay

After negotiating a drop to its property assessment in Fort Frances, Resolute Forest Products is now seeking a similar decrease in Thunder Bay.

Mayor Keith Hobbs says a proposed 60 per cent decrease would cost the city about $1.8 million.

Meantime, Dryden's city mayor Craig Nuttall is proposing to withhold money owing to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation until there's a resolve to a lowering of assessment of the Domtar mill that could cost Dryden over $5-million.

County Projects In Proposed Bonding Bill

An $8-million sewer project in Koochiching County is among those Governor Mark Dayton would like the Minnesota legislature fund in the coming year.

The Governor has the project for the Rainy and Crane Lakes areas as part of a $812-million bonding bill.

It also includes funding for repairs for a couple of bridges and reforestation in the County.

Teen Found

A Dryden teen, missing since the end of March, has been found in Manitoba.

The Dakota Ojibway Police Service located 15-year-old Kariya Taylor on Sandy Bay First Nation.

She's now in the care of Manitoba Child and Family Services.

Clothing Drive Underway

The United Native Friendship Centre is seeking your unused clothes.

It's for its annual spring clothing give away that happens next week.

Aboriginal Family Support Worker Karly Rousseau says donations can be dropped off at its Mowatt Avenue location by this Thursday.

The clothes will be given away to those who want them next Monday and Tuesday.

Question Of The Week

Fort Frances Minor Hockey is asking town council to consider keeping ice in the Ice For Kids arena until the end of June.

Do you think it's a good idea?

Let us know on our website 931theborder.ca.

In response to last week's question, 55 per cent of respondents think the $100-thousand dollar threshold in the province's annual list of public sector workers salaries should be increased.

Festival Results Day One

Tianna Veldhuisen and Annalise Rittau each earned three first place finishes in piano on the first day of the Rainy River District Festival of the Performing Arts.

Competitions continue today at the Townshend Theatre beginning at 9 a.m. and later at Knox United Church starting 6 pm.

Here is a list of all winners

Baroque, Grade 9
FIRST:  Lucas Koomans
SECOND:  Lorianne Dueck

Baroque, Grade 8
FIRST:  Erin Gustafson

Baroque, Grade 7
FIRST:  Tianna Veldhuisen

Classical, Grade 7
FIRST:  Tianna Veldhuisen

Classical, Grade 8
FIRST:  Erin Gustafson

Classical, Grade 9
FIRST:  Lorianne Dueck
SECOND:  (Tie) Sarah Bagacki,  Lucas Koomans

Baroque, Grade 6
FIRST:  Gareth Dunn
SECOND:  (Tie) Caitlin Rittau, Emma Keeler

Baroque, Grade 5
FIRST:  Brianna Eldridge
SECOND:  (Tie)  Emma Dykstra, Katelyn Bruyere

Classical, Grade 6
FIRST:  Anna Schwartz
SECOND:  (Tie) Caitlin Rittau, Taylor Shouldice

Classical, Grade 5
FIRST:  Emma Dykstra
SECOND:  (Tie) Katelyn Bruyere, Brianne Eldridge

Classical, Grade 1
FIRST:  Joyce Wu
SECOND:  Calin Campbell

Baroque, Grade 3
FIRST:  (Tie) Jessica Empey, Jacob Gustafson

Popular, Grade 7
FIRST:  Tianna Veldhuisen
SECOND:  Caitlin Rittau
Baroque, Grade 4
FIRST:  Mike Koostra
SECOND:  (Tie) Madison Krikke,  Judy Wu

Classical, Grade 3
FIRST:  Mira Donaldson

Classical, Grade 4
FIRST:  Alexa Veldhuisen
SECOND:  Mika Kooistra

Open Piano, Intermediate
FIRST:  Mira Donaldson

Family, One Piano, Two Performers
FIRST:  Naomi Dunn and Frances Flook

Open Piano, Elementary
FIRST:  Max VanDrunen
SECOND:  Matthew Watts

Open Piano, Intermediate
FIRST:  Emily Loney
SECOND:  (Tie) Annalise Rittau, Aiden Tullio

Open Piano, Advanced
FIRST:  Caitlin Rittau
SECOND:  (Tie) Samantha Martin, Kayla Stang

Sacred, Level 1
FIRST:  Grace Kooistra
SECOND:  Josiah Peltomaki

Sacred, Level 5
FIRST:  Annalise Rittau

Jazz, Level 2
FIRST:  Mackenzie Jolicouer
SECOND:  Rowen Quast

Popular, Level 2
FIRST:  (Tie) Katrina Klug and Mya Hamilton
SECOND:  (Tie) Isaac Dykstra and Grace Kooistra

Children’s Songs, Level 5
FIRST:  Annalise Rittau

Classical, Level 4
FIRST:  Aaron Rittau

Classical, Level 5
FIRST:  Annalise Rittau