Sunday, May 18, 2014

Museum Promoted

A new campaign to attract more people to the Fort Frances Museum.

Friends of the Museum chair Duane Hicks says they've developed new cards contained various information about the museum.

Hicks says the cards will be found at a variety of locations, including tourist centres around northwestern Ontario and northern Minnesota.

Hicks says it makes the museum more "sexier" to visitors and hopes it will draw more people in this summer.

Busy Summer Planned For Work Crews

There's going to be a considerable amount of road work around Fort Frances this summer.

A total of seven different projects are scheduled.

Operations and Facilities Manager Doug Brown says the biggest will be a further upgrade to Third Street East between Crowe and Frenette Avenues to place aging infrastructure.

Because of the proximity of Robert Moore School, that work won't start until school ends in June.

The town is also looking at road improvements on Frog Creek Road to its airport and a replacement of some fire hydrants and storm sewer manholes throughout the town.