Thursday, May 22, 2014

Leaders Campaign

The NDP wants to keep schools open for community groups to access after hours and on weekend.

NDP leader Andrea Horwath is pledging $60-million as part of an "Open Schools" fund.

Horwath says it will help school boards offset their costs of making school available after hours and allow community groups to run programs at low or no cost to users.

PC Leader Tim Hudak is predicting a comeback in Ontario's manufacturing industry through his Million Jobs Plan.

Hudak says through a combination of lower taxes, affordable energy and reduced red tape, the number of blue collar workers in the province will increase.

Hudak claims Ontario has lost 300-thousand manufacturing jobs under the Liberals who at the same time added 300-thousand new government workers.

Premier Kathleen Wynne says the choices in front for voters in this provincial election are stark.

Wynne feels her Liberals have laid out a very comprehensive plan that looks at all aspects of society.

Wynne says it compares with the PC's plan that will undercut the economy while the NDP is putting out one-off ideas.

For the leaders today, both Horwath and the Premier speak in Toronto.

Hudak campaigns in Ottawa.