Friday, May 30, 2014

Election Notebook

On the election campaign, Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne is challenging PC leader Tim Hudak to prove her wrong.

The Liberals and some economists say the Tories have incorrectly counted person-years of employment as full time jobs in their projections towards the million jobs plan.

Wynne wants Hudak to produce at least one qualified independent economist who supports the PC's claim.

PC's, meantime, are launching new ads after releasing details of what they say is an approved $317-million bailout of a Toronto real estate firm signed just prior to the provincial election campaign.

PC's released documents pertaining to the deal yesterday.

Premier Kathleen Wynne denies the allegations, saying the documents are part of ongoing negotiations in a real estate transaction.

NDP leader Andrea Horwath is promising to clean-up what she calls the corruption at Queen's Park and focus on the priorities that matter most to Ontarians.

Horwath says Liberals have wasted billions of dollars on such things a CEO bonuses, the ORNGE air ambulance scandal and the cancelled gas plants instead of on health care, education and public transit.