Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Green Party Eyes Next Election

The new leader of the Green Party in Ontario says northwestern Ontario will get attention from the Party.

Mike Schreiner says he intends to bring the Green's platform to the region as he travels the province in the near future in anticipation of the 2011 provincial election.

Schreiner says part of the plan for the north is helping to build a diversified economy.

"I don't want the people of the north to simply be the suppliers of raw material then have the value-added and most of profits in the south and other parts of the world," says Schreiner. "I think we can be investing in more value-added, more diversified production in the north to keep most of the dollars in the north."

Schreiner is making his role as leader a full-time job with a continued presence at Queen's Park and intends to run Green Party candidates in every riding in the 2011 election.